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UKULELE CLUB LIVERPOOL began in December 2012. 

On Friday 8th March 2013 they made their debut appearance in collaboration with the MERSEY BELLES, live on stage at Liverpool's premiere grass roots festival THRESHOLD FESTIVAL.

It all began with a request from a local lady who wanted to learn to play the ukulele so that she could incorporate it into her comedy set. Little did she realise that her request would create such a local phenomena and inspire people of all ages to join in!

Having taught basic music skills in a range of instruments from almost 7 years at various youth clubs, colleges and schools, I thought it would be a great idea! The instrument is lightweight, relatively affordable, no excess power supply needed and pretty easy to learn once you realise that soprano ukes (small ones) are tuned to GCEA which is the same as playing the bottom 4 strings on a guitar with a capo on the 5th fret . . . .

But enough of that for now! The majority of Ukulele Club members had never played an instrument before in their entire lives - so after just 3 months of meeting once a week for an hour did a tremendous job performing live on stage infront of hundreds of people after only a few weeks of rehearsals - Have a listen:

They took to the stage like pro musicians and gave it there all. No stopping them now!

They were joined by the fantastic MERSEY BELLES who had another gig at a fundraising event for SAHIR HOUSE the same night after Threshold at HOUSE on Bold Street, Liverpool. Most of us went along to support them and were suprised when they invited one of our club members up on stage to join them with a kazoo solo! Check it out . . . 

They went on to play an amazing set - with an extra special version of the 1926 hit classic 'Baby Face' 

We only have one male member - who is not complaining! Here he is back stage at the Threshold Festival with the MERSEY BELLES.

Back Stage at Camp & Furnace, Threshold Festival

Programme for the Friday Artists @ Threshold Festival 2013
We not only got our club name up in print on the official Threshold Poster that was plastered all over the city centre but also imprinted onto the official Threshold T-Shirts! I bought one - will post a photo up soon

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